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Protect Your 340B Program with In-House Pharmacy

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Your Contract Pharmacies are Under Scrutiny

340B Net Savings are now in Jeopardy!!

It Is Essential to Protect Your 340B Program by Owning an In-House Pharmacy

Contract Pharmacies Alone Leave Your 340B Net Savings Vulnerable

Protect Your Program with
 ReCept In-House Pharmacy

With the protection of an in-house pharmacy, you will substantially increase patient access, potential net savings and boost capture of current leakage of scripts.  In partnering with ReCept, your pharmacy can customize and enhance pharmacy services and the patient experience with a sliding fee, and access to both traditional retail & specialty products on site.

Time is of the Essence!!

Partner with the experts at ReCept and let us help you assess your opportunity with a free program assessment/consultation and proforma.