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Healthcare Hero of the Month: August

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Data is Beautiful

Roberto Huerta (Account Manager)

As W. Edwards Deming once said, “without data, you’re just another person with an opinion.”  We live in an age of analytics, where every decision is influenced by data.  Those that ignore what the numbers are telling them will not be able to compete.

No one embraces this ideology more than Roberto Huerta, a ReCept Account Manager in Dallas, Texas. 6 years ago, ReCept was fortunate to have Roberto join the team.  While he had never worked with health care services before, he embraced it and hasn’t looked back since. 

To Roberto, data is a beautiful thing.  It is truth. It is an opportunity to make a difference.

This is why Roberto starts off each day by reviewing the numbers.  It allows him to gain a sense of clarity of where things are at and if there are any potential opportunities.  He believes that “not having reporting is like not being able to see a scoreboard during an athletic event. You are playing blind and do not know where you stand.” 

Studying the data allows him to have a direct impact on patients and their journey towards becoming healthy.  From reviewing scripts to ensuring referrals are processed correctly, Roberto is constantly looking for ways that he can help patients start their therapy more quickly.   By partnering with the pharmacist, Roberto is able to layer himself into that patient’s care team and help ensure the therapy process is free of obstacles.  For instance, if Roberto sees an order pending additional information he will come to the rescue by partnering with the pharmacy and physician to help resolve the issue and ensure the patient receives their medication.

In addition to helping patients remain compliant to their therapy, Roberto believes that data is also an opportunity to help grow and maintain relationships with the clinics and hospitals we partner with.  Using the data as his guide, Roberto can have an “open conversation on how the pharmacy is treating them and what else we could be doing better to help them meet their mission.”   Roberto’s responsibilities go far beyond that of an account manager, he must also partner with the pharmacy team and field sales team on strategies that will allow them to help more people in their community and create a better patient experience.

Thank you Roberto for always going above and beyond and representing everything that ReCept stands for. You are a true Healthcare Hero and we are lucky to have you!