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Health Care Providers

ReCept Pharmacy works in close partnership with health care providers so that they have the pharmacy support they need, when they need it. On the care delivery team, we work to support providers as they help patients by developing and implementing complex treatment plans.

ReCept employs a knowledgeable, dedicated clinical staff to manage patients with complex chronic conditions in therapeutic areas including, but not limited to,  Autoimmune, Hepatitis, HIV, Oncology and Pain Management. Taking a holistic approach to patient management, ReCept understands specific disease states, their treatments and the effects those treatments have on individual patients. We are passionate about our commitment to keep patients compliant with their treatment regimen.

Pharmacy Management Model

ReCept Healthcare Services solution can offer a platform designed for providers and health care organizations to incorporate a pharmacy component within your business.

Clinical Support

Our pharmacists do more than prepare and dispense medications. They are a valued member of the patient care team. At ReCept Pharmacy, we understand specific disease states, their treatments and the effects those treatments have on individual patients. We provide counsel and assistance to providers seeking to determine the best therapies for their patients.

ReCept Pharmacy provides clinical expertise in the following areas:

ReCept Pharmacy also provides non-sterile and sterile compounded medications if a patient needs personalized medication, or if a commercially manufactured medication is unavailable.

Continuum of Care

ReCept Pharmacy provides patients with a seven-step continuum of care. From the moment we receive a prescription for a new patient, through their ongoing use of the medication, we coordinate closely with them to help ensure success with the prescribed medication.

The continuum includes:

  • Patient referral and intake process
  • Benefits verification and financial assistance
  • Clinical appropriateness assessment
  • Patient education, including symptom tracking and injection training
  • Medication and medical supply fulfillment
  • Therapy management and patient support (pharmacist or nurse)
  • Adherence monitoring

Our patients receive a follow-up from our pharmacy one week after the start of therapy as well as seven days before the end of their medication supply. If patients are having difficulty managing side effects or in taking the medication as prescribed, ReCept will communicate with the prescriber to address the issue.

Dedicated Account Manager

ReCept values the relationships we maintain with health care providers. For that reason, we have dedicated staff who:

  • Provide dedicated customer support regarding your new or existing patients.
  • Meet with providers like you.
  • Assist in easing the administrative burden.
  • Help your patients get the medications they need.

Click here to contact your local area representative and we will be in touch within one business day.

Patient Management Program

ReCept Pharmacy’s Patient Management Program, and our seven-step continuum of care ensure that patients have the greatest chance at success with their medication regimen. The program provides other key strategic advantages, including:

  • Enhanced outcomes data
  • Digital solutions including Web and mobile apps
  • Operational reporting
  • Fully integrated workflow

Providers are given the metrics they need to make the best clinical and business decisions.
The Medication Possession Ratio and Average Days on Therapy are two measures of patient adherence demonstrating that ReCept Pharmacy meets or exceeds industry standards for Autoimmune, Hepatitis C, Oncology, and HIV therapies.

Referral Forms


ReCept accepts e-prescribing on all medications including Cll prescriptions. Begin e-prescribing by using your local ReCept NPI# under your retail tab in your EMR/HER or standalone e-prescribing application.


As an alternative to hard copy prescriptions, you can fax your prescription form with a front and back copy of your patient’s benefit card to the pharmacy location on your referral form.


Call one of our local ReCept Pharmacy locations.

Resources and Referral Forms

We provide online resources for physician practices, including referral forms, so that you can meet patient needs from your desktop.

Cover My Meds

To assist in expediting the Prior Authorization process, ReCept Pharmacy has partnered with CoverMyMeds to Streamline the Authorization Process!

Additional Resources that are available include:
Providers + Pharmacists Frequently Asked Questions & Providers + Pharmacists UserGuide. These resources can be found at:

Expedited Turnaround

Within 24 hrs, ReCept Pharmacy will verify all the patient’s insurance, including coordination of benefits. We accept all forms of prescription medication coverage. This coverage includes billing private insurance, Medicare Parts B & D, most Medicaid plans, special assistance programs and prescription cards. Plus, we will determine the order of payers to ensure medications are billed correctly. If patients are covered by more than one plan and to ensure your patients receive the maximum coverage, ReCept Pharmacy utilizes all benefits available.

We are an Extension to your Practice

In addition to your pharmacy support team, ReCept also offers In-Person and Pharmacy based Account Managers. Our Provider Relations team provides practices with dedicated in-person assistance. Account managers help you stay informed of the latest pipeline and therapy updates and provide personalized status details and reporting. Click here to contact your local area representative.