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Combat the Manufacturer/Contract Pharmacy Issues with Entity Owned In-House Pharmacy

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Protect Your 340B Program
by Owning an In-House Pharmacy

ReCept Pharmacy Can Help!!

With the continuing changes in Manufacturer & Contract Pharmacy relationships, please don’t risk your 340B net savings by taking a wait and see approach.

Contact Us Today!
We can assist you in making it
an easy, affordable way to make this change happen soon.

concerning manufacturer and legislative changes

This enhancement of an in-house pharmacy, will not only mitigate the risk of losing
your 340B program net savings, but will significantly optimize your 340B program:

Providing Enhanced Patient Access
 More Collaborative Medical/Pharmacy Services Delivery
Increased Capture of Current Leakage of Retail & Specialty Prescriptions

All of which will increase your 340B net savings so you can continue to achieve your mission!

Let’s Take Action Together!!

Partner with the experts at ReCept and let us help you assess your opportunity
with a free program assessment/consultation and proforma

Financing Available