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Carmine DeNardo Reflects on NASP’s Accomplishments During His Term as Chairman of the Board

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“We have laid the foundation for achieving great things for all specialty pharmacy stakeholders

Carmine DeNardo, RPh, Chairman of the Board

It has been a privilege and honor to have been part of a quality, patient-centric organization for the past two years while serving as NASP’s Chairman of the Board. I am grateful to have worked with a talented team of individuals to build and provide valuable education programs and to strengthen NASP’s legislative and advocacy platform for this important and critical segment of the pharmacy industry.

As Chairman of the NASP Board, my primary goals were to further advance and expand the specialty pharmacy profession through; increasing patient advocacy by developing a strong federal legislative voice; advancing CE specialty education programs; offering a best in class annual meeting and expo in which members and industry leaders could network and learn from each other, and; building upon and offering diversified opportunities and expanded programs to our membership. I like to call these the Four Pillars of NASP: Patient Advocacy, Education, Annual Meeting and Expo and Membership.

In the past few years, NASP has achieved many great accomplishments; two of which I reflect on being our most impactful. Our Annual Meeting and Expo participation growth and expanded educational programs transcended the many facets of specialty pharmacy. The expansion of NASP’s bench strength of staff members provided the necessary support for the organization to further the development and quality of NASP programs.  

Those achievements have positively transformed NASP and specialty pharmacy. Over the past four years our membership continues to grow year after year. With this growth brings new perspectives and knowledge to support all diverse members of this rapidly advancing specialty pharmacy industry. The Annual Meeting and Expo continues to expand its agenda with new sectors such as infusion and technology that impact specialty pharmacy and provide critical information and education to our participants. Additionally, our Specialty Education Certification programs continue to grow at a record pace each year. This is truly a testament to what we are doing and is on target with our membership and the specialty pharmacy industry.

Over the last five to seven years, we have made a push to advocate for specialty pharmacy and patient care at the federal level. Now, NASP is starting grassroots efforts to do the same at the state level. Together, these advocacy efforts will continue to educate legislators about what specialty pharmacy does for their constituents that are living with a chronic complex disease. The ability to educate our law makers on how specialty pharmacy increases the quality of life for these individuals is critical in the understanding of what needs to occur to advance the cause.

NASP’s accomplishments are led by some of the most dedicated and hardworking people that you can ever have. These leaders always do the right thing for both patient care and the advancement of specialty pharmacy. Each day, the NASP team challenges themselves to create new and innovative ways for improving patient lives, and for establishing new partnerships that will help diversify our membership and advance pharmacy care.

At one time NASP had only one full time employee with a team of volunteers to work the day to day operations of the organization. Without our committed team of volunteers, NASP would not be the leading organization we are today. The volunteers that head committees play an important role in helping lead change in our industry and capture the essence of why we are here; to improve patient lives. To further the mission to elevate the practice of specialty pharmacy, NASP has since continued to bring in reinforcements in operations, marketing, and business development, and strengthened our continued relationships with strategic partners. Working collectively, the NASP staff, Board of Directors, and committees have paved the way to help NASP achieve and exceed its goals year after year.

I have been fortunate and honored to have worked alongside Sheila Arquette, as she developed in her role as President and CEO of NASP. Sheila is a strong leader with a wide range of experience and knowledge of the specialty pharmacy industry. She has an impeccable set of core values that she brings to NASP every day, never forgetting her true roots; pharmacy and patient care. Sheila has helped shape NASP to positively impact membership and help grow the organization to levels it never reached before.

Reflecting on NASP’s incredible achievements has been one of the highlights of my role. The dedication and commitment of NASP’s diverse members have propelled our organization to overcome challenges and take advantage of opportunities to elevate specialty pharmacy practices. I am looking forward to addressing all of the NASP members and participants at the 2020 NASP Annual Meeting and Expo Virtual Experience. I am so fortunate to have worked with such an exceptional team that can pivot and provide such an event in a short time that will continue to make an important impact on the specialty pharmacy industry.

I am thankful for the friendships I have made, and the opportunity I have had to play a part in supporting NASP’s mission. While we still have many hurdles ahead of us in the future, we have laid the foundation for achieving great things for all specialty pharmacy industry stakeholders.