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Defining What Your Pharmacy

Should Be

“We Make People Feel Better!”
ReCept Pharmacy has a rich tradition of delivering specialty patient care within the community it has served for over 40 years. At our core is the fundamental belief that face-to-face patient interaction significantly improves overall care, retention, compliance and outcomes. This interaction includes, but is not limited to, medical management, clinical instruction, benefit investigation and financial assistance. ReCept has built an exceptional service offering that incorporates two major business models as part of its expanding footprint: ReCept’s Specialty Pharmacy and Special Pharmacy Management.

ReCept’s Specialty Pharmacy is driven by our “ReCept” branded pharmacies. We leverage our close and collaborative relationships with patients and referrals sources and our business relationships with payors and manufacturers. ReCept employs a dedicated, compassionate and knowledgeable clinical staff to manage patients with complex chronic conditions such as Autoimmune, Hepatitis, HIV, Neurology, Oncology, Pain Management, Transplant and all other ancillary medications. Blending our exceptional employee expertise with a holistic approach to patient management, ReCept is uniquely capable of understanding specific disease states, their treatments and the effects those treatments have on individual patients.

The second business line is ReCept’s Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy Management Services. In this model, ReCept assists in the development and ultimate provision of management services to physician, clinic and hospital-owned pharmacies. ReCept expertly guides our clients through all the legal, regulatory and business complexities associated with initiating and operating a pharmacy or specialty pharmacy as a supplemental service. This allows organizations to focus on providing quality patient care and streamlining their practice while simultaneously creating value for their practice.

  • Patient care is the cornerstone of our mission at ReCept. Getting closer to our customers to help achieve their medical outcomes has been part of our business through our local pharmacies and managed clinics and hospital programs."

    Carmine DeNardo, R.Ph.
    Carmine DeNardo, R.Ph.

    President and CEO

Our Mission

To provide our customers with a valued, trusted and uncomplicated pharmacy experience with unparalleled customer service.

Our Core Values

Care for our Customers

We serve the needs of our customers proactively with each interaction. Our customer-first approach makes people feel better in every way.

Team Spirit

We act towards others with respect and encouragement. We work selflessly and cooperatively, not as individuals, but as members of a team pursuing the common goal of improving patient lives.


We perform to a level that is distinctly superior, free from error and of the highest quality and virtue. We don’t just pursue excellence—we set its standard.


We act towards others with unquestioned integrity, trustworthiness, truth and fairness.

Personal Accountability

We take personal responsibility for our behaviors, actions and obligations. We fully commit to being honest, reliable, diligent and disciplined members of the ReCept family.