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Hospital/Clinic Specialty Pharmacy Services

We have the expertise, technology and services needed to manage every aspect of your pharmacy. We take the stress out of having to navigate all the legal, regulatory and business complexities, so you can focus on providing quality patient care.

340B Pharmacy Services

For many, 340B is a complex and challenging business. ReCept makes it simple! With complete pharmacy management services, we handle everything from payor contracting to coordinating all 340B pharmacy audits.

Hospital & Physician Group Specialty Pharmacy Services

You Own It. We Manage It!

For over four decades, ReCept has operated pharmacies and has become the industry’s leading provider of Specialty Pharmacy Services for hospitals, clinics and physician groups. Opening your own in-house pharmacy can be a stressful and daunting task – we can help you navigate the unknown.

Avoid the anxiety of trying to maneuver through all the legal restrictions, the nuances of inventory and operational processes associated with a specialty pharmacy and turn to our team of experts at ReCept. We provide turn-key specialty pharmacy services to open & operate your pharmacy for you.

Benefits of Having Onsite Specialty Pharmacy Management

For the Patients

  • Ensure timely access to medication and adherence to their treatment
  • Improve patient care by increased coordination, more centralized decision-making and greater levels of control
  • Improve patient outcomes through improved patient convenience, enhanced level of care, and tailored patient communication education

For the Business

  • Increase revenue stream to reinvest into patient care and improve patient access in your community
  • Increase resources for your hospital, clinic or physician group
  • Decreased costs and improved margins

For the Operations

  • Avoid the challenges of payor contracting, staffing and licensing
  • Leverage our resources to ensure speed to market
  • Substantial drug purchasing discounts and fully accredited operating procedures
  • Prior authorization and insurance approvals

Entity Owned In-House 340B Pharmacy Management

You Own It. We Manage It!

Now in our 40th year in business, ReCept is the national leader in pharmacy management services. We open a new pharmacy on behalf of our clients almost every month and have developed deep expertise and proprietary best practices to manage pharmacies to their full potential. Opening an In-House 340B pharmacy can significantly improve patient care and financial success for FQHC, Ryan White Clinics and other 340B covered entities.

Starting a 340B pharmacy is a complex process and can become overwhelming. Allow the experts at ReCept to do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your patients. With 40 years’ experience, we know how to handle the challenges of payor contracting, staffing, licensing, implementing quality assurance procedures and coordinating pharmacy audits.

Specialty Pharmacy Management Questions

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the contact information sheet and someone will contact you to set up an introductory call. The ReCept Team will review our services and provide you with the information needed to complete a proforma. There is no cost for the proforma.

How long will it take to implement specialty services into my pharmacy?

The ReCept integration and operational teams will evaluate the current status of your pharmacy and create an extensive project plan to meet the standards to serve your patients. Our teams are focused on expediting this process for you. Timelines will be provided once we assess your pharmacy.

How long will it take to open a pharmacy?

Approximately 6 to 9 months

Can you assist with our DHS 340B services?

Yes. We can help set your pharmacy up to be 340B eligible and provide an ongoing plan to ensure the program’s success. To expand your pharmacy, we also will establish your pharmacy as a contract pharmacy for other 340B eligible entities.

Can you customize your services to fit our needs?

Yes, the ReCept teams will review your needs and provide you with solutions specific to your pharmacy.

Do you work with the 340B programs?

Yes. ReCept has extensive experience blending our pharmacy operations and management expertise with state-of-the-art systems to optimize 340 B programs. These value-tested systems provide enhanced capture of eligible encounters with eligibility and inventory oversight, financial reconciliation and reporting.

How Can ReCept Help You?