As a brick-and-mortar specialty pharmacy, our experienced pharmacists and technicians relay information about your products and services in ways typical pharmacies cannot. Our robust data collection and customized reporting give immediate up-to-date data, detailing product usage. In addition to our direct reporting capabilities, our existing relationships with IMS Health and Wolters Kluwer insure assessment of product pipeline activity.

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Our support includes:

  • Protocol-driven, product-specific clinical programs
  • Clinical appropriateness reviews
  • Holistic medication reviews
  • One-on-one patient education and training
  • Benefit investigation, patient co-pay and reimbursement assistance programs
  • REMS compliance, training and education programs
  • Patient adherence and compliance programs to keep patients on therapy
  • Timely reporting and analytics from our proprietary IT system
  • Dedicated clinical management
  • Web-based referral forms for easy patient enrollment
  • A regionally focused sales force that has significant tenure, experience and networks
Our ReCept Pharmacy team stands behind you as you provide specialty medications to patients who need them. In everything we do, we are driven by one goal:

“We make people feel better.”


Key Value Propositions
  • Field based sales team with expertise in HCV, AI, Oncology, Pain Management and Compounding
  • Supportive patient services including patient education and access to patient support groups
  • Coordinated access to patient care teams including pharmacists, nurses and reimbursement specialists
  • Assistance with product launch and promoting physician and clinician awareness
  • Tracking and reporting script activities
  • Periodic drug reviews with Manufacturer Sales Reps