At ReCept Pharmacy, we recognize how overwhelming and difficult it can be to battle a disease or live with a chronic illness. As a specialty pharmacy, we understand specific disease states, their treatments and the effects those treatments have on individual patients. Your physician, family and friends are all members of your care team. The right specialty pharmacy is an important member of your care team as well.

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Here is what you can expect when you choose ReCept as your specialty pharmacy:

Local – ReCept offers what no mail-order pharmacy can: One-on-one counseling, injection training, emergency medication management and local pick-up or free delivery.

Clinical Expertise – A pharmacy should be more than a medication supplier. Our specialty trained pharmacists not only understand your ailments, medicinal treatments and potential side effects, they can thoughtfully guide you through the treatment plan your physician has designed for you.

Reimbursement Assistance – You deserve to receive the maximum benefit available from your insurance. ReCept pharmacists and technicians understand the complex world of insurance and can help you decrease your out-of-pocket expenses without delaying the start of therapy.

Financial Assistance – For patients without adequate financial resources or insurance coverage, we work directly with foundations and manufacturers to lessen the burden. This includes helping with co-pays, deductible assistance and dealing with the Medicare Part D “donut hole”.

Injectable Training – If your therapy includes self-injected medication, we offer in-person training that gives you the skills and confidence you need to self-administer. This valuable service is offered at no cost.

Compounding – If your physician prescribes a custom compound of multiple drugs, our pharmacists have the experience necessary to meet exact unique specifications.