headerInjectablesHelping patients take control of their own care.

For people suffering from conditions such as anemia, Crohn’s disease or hepatitis C, treatment often comes in the form of an injectable medication. ReCept pharmacists understand the trepidation many patients feel when dealing with self-injected medicines. That’s why we specialize in training people thoroughly in the proper administering of these drugs. Because knowledge leads to comfort, which leads to more consistent treatment and a better quality of life.

What physicians demand.

  • Prior Authorization Assistance: To allow you to focus on your patients instead of the process.
  • Electronic Referrals: Our easy-to-use electronic referral and prior authorization forms cut down on paperwork and errors while giving you more time for your patients.
  • Communication: Our electronic Status Update Form keeps you up-to-date on where your patients  are in the referral and reimbursement process.
  • Single Source for Related Issues: For your HCV patients with related issues, ReCept also offers the necessary medications to combat anemia and mitigate side effects.
  • Compounding: The skilled pharmacists at ReCept can compound medications to your exact specifications.
  • Free Courier Delivery: If you desire, we can deliver medications to your office for medical billing or buy-and-bill purposes.


What patients deserve.

  • Local: ReCept offers what no mail-order pharmacy can: One-on-one counseling, injection training, emergency medication management, and local pick-up or free same-day delivery.
  • Clinical Expertise: A pharmacy should be more than a medication supplier. Our experienced pharmacists not only understand hepatitis C, they understand potential side effects and they can thoughtfully guide patients through these issues, as well.
  • Reimbursement Assistance: Every patient deserves to receive the maximum benefit available from their insurance. ReCept pharmacists and technicians understand the sometimes complex world of insurance and can help patients decrease their out-of-pocket expenses without delaying the start of therapy.
  • Financial Assistance: For patients without adequate financial resources or insurance coverage, we work directly with foundations and manufactures to lessen the burden. This includes helping with co-pays, deductible assistance and dealing with the Medicare Part D “donut hole.”