headerCompoundingSpecific care for specific issues.

Compounding was once commonplace, but today it’s a rare practice that only the most skilled and knowledgeable pharmacists – like those at ReCept – perform. When patients need specific medications that can’t be found in a mass-produced pill, rest assured our pharmacists can create exactly what is needed to keep treatment strategies on schedule and patients feeling better every day.

What Physicians Demand

  • Prior Authorization Assistance: To allow you to focus on your patients instead of the process.
  • BHRT: Customizing compounds for use in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy is on of our specialties.
  • Altering Dosage Forms: Our pharmacist can compound medications into almost any form you desire. If your patient has trouble swallowing a pain medication, we can create a topical version. From liquids to troche to sublingual's, suppositories and creams, we make sure your patients get convenience and ethnicity all in one.
  • Ingredient Removal: To avoid allergic reactions or interactions, our pharmacists can remove ingredients like gluten, dyes and binders - and even specific medications like acetaminophen- from a compound.
  • Free Courier Delivery: If you desire, we can deliver medications to your office for medical billing or buy-and-bill purposes.

 What Patients Deserve

  • Local: ReCept offers what no mail-order pharmacy can: One-on-one counseling, injection training, emergency medication management, and local pick-up or free home delivery.
  • Clinical Expertise: A pharmacy should be more than a medication supplier. Our experienced pharmacists not only understand compounding, they understand potential side effects and they can thoughtfully guide patients through treatment issues.